Municipality Kreševo, looking through history, was a rich variety of minerals, mineral sites and industrious people. Exploatation of ore was performed and has been traded at the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik. This love has remained and moved on today's generation, but in somewhat different form.  So a smaller group of enthusiasts in nature and natural resources, already for a few years of their free time spent searching and studying the various minerals and crystals in the area of our municipality and beyond. This small group of enthusiasts, worked and functioned through the mountain society of Kreševo, and are thus in the last four years organized the "International Fair of crystals and minerals" in Kreševo. After these fairs held, citizens had a better opportunity to acquaint themselves with the beauty of the exhibited products, over time from whom foster, stories of people who find them, company, creating new friendships, etc., and the number interested in the way of "recreation" significantly increased. After that emerged the idea to found an Association. The Founding Assembly of the Association, entitled "Kresevo citrine on the 12.12.2007., on this occasion the elements of the associations were elected:

President - Jozo Puljić 

Secretary - Žarko Bešlić 

Representative of the Presidium-Alojz Filipović 

Treasurer - Ivica Miletić 


The Association is registered 07.01.2008. so that we have officially received the status of legal entity, and today has some 60-odd members. Workspace, which is located in the street „kralja Tomaša“, has been received from the municipality. The surface area is about 50m ², one part of it will bearranged as an exhibition area so that the citizens of our municipality, and those who visit it, have the opportunity to see every species of minerals and crystals in our mountains. Related to our work plan, we will continue with organizing international trade fairs, and whose will become traditional.   Special attention will be devoted to work with children and youth, first of all the age of primary school. Our goal is to enroll as much children as possible, encourage them to learn through socializing in nature, arouse in them the love to the minerals and crystals, transfer knowledge that we have and therefore we will take them off the streets and caffes, which is very important for their growth because of the time in which we live. 


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