Is The Walking Dead Worth Watching?

Why did Rick leave the walking dead?

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) The way Lincoln explained things, he aimed to spend more time with his growing family in and around their U.K.

home without being obligated to spend so many months out of the year filming The Walking Dead in Georgia..

How much do Walking Dead extras get paid?

She told Walking Dead fans that she was on set for two days and earned about $600, plus a bonus at the end of the year. Another extra told Reddit users in 2014 that the base pay for zombie extras was $64 dollars for eight hours of work, plus more if you were featured or did a stunt.

Why did Negan kill Glenn?

That, however, wouldn’t be the case. Negan wound up beating two members of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group to death. Negan would wind up killing Glenn to prove a point to Daryl (Norman Reedus), following the latter’s outburst.

Who kills Negan?

THE WALKING DEAD fans were seething when Rick Grimes made the decision not to kill villain Negan at the end of the All Out War storyline in season eight and instead imprison him. Now the reason behind this shock decision has been revealed in a deleted scene.

Is michonne going to die?

First of all, let’s start here: Michonne does not die in the comics. She’s a key player in the series finale, helping an adult Carl Grimes out of a legal jam. … Andrea dies in bed with Rick at her side, and eventually rises from the grave as a walker, forcing her husband to put her down.

Is The Walking Dead losing viewers?

Whereas season 5 held the top average of over 14 million viewers per episode, season 6 followed with a little over 13 million. The Walking Dead season 7 dropped even lower to 11 million and it has only drastically declined from there.

Is the 100 worth watching?

100% worth your time. 1st season is rough, but after that is when the show really starts coming into its own, and out of the teen drama it was set out to be.

Does Daryl die in The Walking Dead?

AliveDaryl Dixon/Status

Is Walking Dead worth watching anymore?

A lot of the show was mediocre before this, but it never became as bad as it does the past two seasons. So no, it’s really not worth watching anymore. … Fear the Walking Dead is actually having a great season 3 right now after decent first 2 seasons.

How did the virus start in the walking dead?

The Walking Dead started with a zombie virus which mysteriously broke out and infected people. … From what fans have learnt over the years, the virus reanimates dead bodies and if a person if bitten then they become infected. The zombies feed on the carcasses of other animals and don’t seem to have any intelligence.

Why the 100 is bad?

The 100 has odes to Lost with cliffhanger endings, plot twists, mythical like characters, & it borrows from GoT from that as well. Furthermore, there are no good guys. It’s a line from the show & also how GoT writes it’s characters. … Lexa was a terrible character & needed to die.

Is the walking dead boring?

‘The Walking Dead’ continues to be the most boring show on television. … The biggest issue I had with the show is there is literally no end-game. They’ve had a season of trying to get to the CDC. They’ve had a season of trying to find safety and failing partly because the people they found safety with were crazy.

Who all died in the walking dead?

Every Major Walking Dead Character Who Died (So Far)Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) … Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) … Andrea (Laurie Holden) … Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) … Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) … Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) … Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) … Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)More items…•

Will The Walking Dead ever end?

“The Walking Dead” is coming to an end. AMC says its long-running zombie series will conclude with a super-size 11th season scheduled to air over two years. The final season of “TWD” will contain 24 episodes, instead of the usual 16, and run through late 2022.

Did Rick die in The Walking Dead?

With the release of the teaser for the Rick Grimes movie, you might be wondering what happened to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead. … But Rick doesn’t die. He washes up along a bank where he’s found by Anne. She bargains for his life over a walkie-talkie and the two are rescued by a mysterious helicopter.

Is The Walking Dead ending in 2022?

Zombie TV drama The Walking Dead is to finish in 2022 with an extended 24-episode season, US TV network AMC has said.

Is the 100 better than Game of Thrones?

both are great. The first 4 seasons of game of thrones are basically untouchable, but The 100 is more consistently good throughout it’s entirety and I wouldn’t say it’s that far behind GOT’s first 4 seasons.

Which is Better Game of Thrones or the 100?

The reasons I prefer The 100 to Game of Thrones can be extrapolated from these two fight scenes. While they are both genre shows, I find The 100’s realism, closer-knit world building, and (most importantly) the driving motivation of the characters in these scenes to be more intellectually and emotionally stimulating.