Question: Can I Get Disability For Bad Knees?

How do I get VA rating for knee pain?

VA assigns a 0, 10, 20, or 30 percent disability rating for this knee pain condition based on the amount of instability present in the knee.

In order to get the highest evaluation, the knee must be so unstable that it gives out or dislocates on a regular basis..

What is the maximum disability rating for degenerative joint disease?

While the VA diagnostic code has a maximum rating of 50%, it is possible to get a greater rating if you can prove how your spinal condition limits your function and your life. To receive an extraschedular disability rating, you must show the VA why your condition is worse than the 50% maximum.

What percentage of disability is knee surgery?

As mentioned above, the only time knee pain qualifies for a 100% disability rating is following total knee replacement surgery.

Can you get disability for a knee injury?

A Knee Disability Must Impair Your Ability to Walk Loss of function may result from a bone or knee joint deformity, neurological deficits, amputation, or soft tissue injuries. The cause of the knee disability is generally not taken into consideration when evaluating whether your condition is disabling.

Is knee arthritis a VA disability?

The VA has 3 ways to categorize this aspect when rating arthritis of the knee: slight (10%), moderate (20%), or severe (30%) under Diagnostic Code 5257. Have your doctor specifically use this language when he/she explains your limitations due to knee arthritis.

Is patella dislocation a disability?

If you continue to have dislocations, your knee may not hurt as much and you may not be as disabled. This is not a reason to avoid treatment. Kneecap dislocation damages your knee joint. It can lead to cartilage injuries and increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis at a younger age.