Question: What Is A Scottish Hoolie?

What does Glaikit mean in Scottish?

Glaikit (pronounced glay-kit; also spelt glaiket) is an adjective used to describe a stupid, foolish and thoughtless person or action.

It is mainly used in Scotland and Northern England, like in: “Don’t just stand there looking glaikit, do something!”.

Where does the word Hooley come from?

Origin. 1990s; earliest use found in The Times. Origin uncertain; perhaps from Orkney Scots hoolan strong gale, with alteration of the ending; or perhaps the same word as hooley.

What does Scunnered mean in Scottish?

adjective dialect, mainly Scottish. 1. annoyed, discontented, or bored. 2. nauseated or disgusted, esp from a surfeit of food, drink, etc.

Is Hooley an Irish name?

The family history of the ancient name Hooley was found in the archives. Variants of the Irish name Hooley include Whooley, Wholey, Houley, Holey, Hoolie and many others. … The root of these names is the Gaelic word ‘uallach’, meaning ‘boastful’.

What does blowing a gale mean?

Idioms. ​an extremely strong wind. The gale blew down hundreds of trees. gale-force winds. (British English) It’s blowing a gale outside (= a strong wind is blowing).

What does Jobby mean in Scotland?

jobbie (plural jobbies) (Scotland, slang) Faeces; a piece of excrement. (informal) Generic object, thing. Synonym: thingy. Have a look at that jobbie!

What does yer bum’s oot the Windae mean?

bum is out the window“Yer bum’s oot the windae” (Your bum is out the window) – You’re literally talking rubbish.

What does hoolie mean in slang?

hoolie (plural hoolies) (slang) A hooligan quotations ▼ A very strong wind quotations ▼

What is a Hooley?

: an Irish party usually with music.

What does blowing it up mean?

verb To make something seem more important, negative, or significant than it really is; to exaggerate something or focus unnecessary attention on something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is often used between “blow” and “up.” I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by that comment—don’t blow it up too much.