Question: Which Is Better Support Or Development?

Is production support good for freshers?

production support will surely add value to your experience.

This will be good opportunity to learn lot of good practices and good way of on job training for you.

You will also get opportunity to enhance some of the features you might support..

How can I be a good tech support?

Here are seven technical support tips from our team to help you out.Identify the problem. Some tech problems will be easier to solve than others. … Understand the customer’s grasp of technology. … Remember the impact. … Avoid jargon. … Have ample self-service options available. … Be motivational. … Make it easy to follow up with you.

What is the difference between support and development?

Before taking any decision, you should understand what is difference between both the roles. Production support would be easier task but comparatively less learning. Development would give you lots of opportunity for learning, knowledge but required lots of skills which you can acquire during initial career.

Can I switch from support to development?

Hi prabath, Switching from support to developer is easy if you are applying for a job that required similar background experience and skills. … So try to switch within the same company into a development role or try for a smaller company or startup company that is hiring for developers.

What skills are required for technical support?

Skillsthe ability to think logically.a good memory of how software and operating systems work.excellent listening and questioning skills, combined with the ability to interact confidently with clients to establish what the problem is and explain the solution.the ability to work well in a team.problem solving skills.More items…

What are technical support interview questions?

Best Technical Support or IT Support Interview Questions and Answers:Do you know about our products and company? … What is BIOS? … What experience do you possess in the technical support field? … Tell me about yourself? … What are the hardware components of a desktop computer/laptop? … What do you know about our organization?More items…

Does tech support have future?

Technical Support has a future but only the tech support field. You want to switch to other domains, your tech support experience is not considered. The best to grow in a company is start taking initiatives and switch to other domain and grow there.

What are four of the most frequent errors new programmers make when they first learn to make decisions?

Beginner Programmers’ MistakesWriting Code Without Planning.Planning Too Much Before Writing Code.Underestimating the Importance of Code Quality.Picking the First Solution.Not Quitting.Not Googling.Not Using Encapsulation.Planning for the Unknown.More items…

What is the future of application support engineer?

Your future career The most common career paths for Application Support Analysts include Software Developer, IT Consultant and Business Analyst. For Technical Support Engineers common career paths include Systems Administrator, Network Engineer and IT Manager.

What should I do after technical support?

A great way to leverage your experience in a career in tech support is to come back to the IT industry with a management degree like an MBA. While this is an expensive option and you have to spend money as well as two years of your earning period, pursuing MBA after engineering is a great booster to your career.

Is technical support engineer a good career?

Summary of a technical support engineer Reporting suggests this is a mid-career position that provides high levels of job satisfaction. Most technical support engineers work in the field for around 20 years before moving into other tech roles outside of support.

What is meant by production support?

A production support person/team is responsible for monitoring the production servers, scheduled jobs, incident management and receiving incidents and requests from end-users, analyzing these and either responding to the end user with a solution or escalating it to the other IT teams.

What does an IT support person do?

The IT Support team maintains the computer networks of all types of organisations, providing technical support and ensuring the whole company runs smoothly. IT Support monitors and maintains the company computer systems, installs and configures hardware and software, and solves technical problems.

Is technical support hard?

Tech support is hard. I mean it. You have to be fast, accurate and patient for hours, often without breaks. If you’re unable to work under pressure, it’s going to be incredibly hard for you.