Question: Why Was LaSalle Written Off NCIS?

Why was LaSalle on NCIS killed off?

Viewers will remember in the episode Matthew 5:9, he was killed when trying to avenge his brother’s murder.

He was following a trail of drug dealers in Alabama who he believed were linked to Cade’s (Clayne Crawford) disappearance..

Why did Lucas Black leave NCIS?

In November 2019, Lucas Black left the series NCIS: New Orleans to devote more time to his family. Newsweek, however, speculated that Black left the role to focus on a possible return to the Fast & Furious franchise with Fast & Furious 9.

Why is LaSalle leaving NCIS New Orleans?

When NCIS: New Orleans returns for season seven, Lucas Black won’t be returning as LaSalle, however. … This was a genuine shocker to NCIS: New Orleans fans, with Lucas Black later explaining that while he loved the show he left to spend more time with his wife and children.

Who will replace Lasalle on NCIS New Orleans?

Quentin CarterNCIS: New Orleans shocked the world when it killed off Agent Christopher LaSalle, but now that the dust has settled on that story, it’s time for the team to bring in another agent. That replacement will arrive in the form of Quentin Carter, who will join the procedural via actor Charles Michael Davis.

Who is replacing Lasalle on NCIS New Orleans?

The NCIS: New Orleans team can’t go forever without replacing Lasalle (Lucas Black), and Charles Michael Davis fills that role when he debuts as Quentin Carter in the March 8 episode.