Quick Answer: Can You Still Receive Calls If You Have No Credit?

What number do you call to reverse charges?

An 0800 Reverse charge call is placed by dialing the phoneword 0800 REVERSE (i.e.

0800 7383773), and the number can be dialled as a free call from most out-of-credit mobile phones, and most fixed land lines..

Can you receive calls with no credit Telstra?

If you don’t recharge your Pre-paid mobile you usually have up to 6 months before you lose your number. You’ll still be able to receive calls…. but the only calls you can make are to Telstra to put another recharge on.

Can you still receive calls if your phone is disconnected Boost Mobile?

Yes, that’s possible. Even though the account is interrupted you will be able to receive phone calls.

How do you reverse call someone?

For example if their number is 0720000000, then dial #0720000000. The customer receiving the reverse call request will see the caller’s details appear on the screen as normal, but once they pick the call, they will receive a VOICE PROMPT asking them to key in “1” to accept the reverse call.

How do you reverse call on a cell phone?

Simply put a # followed by the number you wish to call e.g #07XX XXX XXX. How will the person receiving the call know it’s a Reverse Call? When the person receiving answers the call, they will get an announcement requesting them to either accept or decline by pressing 1 to accept or 2 to decline .

How can I make free call from internet?

Go to www.PopTox.com. You can now make free online calls right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. … Enter Phone Number. Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. … Click on “Call” Make sure you have entered a correct number in the right format.

What happens when your phone is off and someone calls?

For mobile phones powered off while someone calls, it will go straight to voicemail (if setup). … Sometimes when you’re calling to powered off phones, you’ll hear a short ring before voicemail plays. Leave a voicemail message (optional). If voicemail is setup on the phone, leave a message.

Can someone call me if I have no credit?

Hi, yes, you can still recieve calls even if you do not have credit, as long as you have signal :catvery-happy: Reply.

How can I make a call with no credit?

I don’t know any ways to get free call if you don’t have credits.You can use online call using WhatsApp,viber or some app. But you should have mobile data or wifi.Some service providers give “ Loan active” feature for sim. … Some service providers offer call packages that give you some minutes for calling service.

How do you call someone with no credit in Australia?

Free Calls to AustraliaTotally free to call for customers signed up to an inclusive calls package.Call Australia free – any time, any day.Simply dial 0845 222 6666 + 0061 + the local number.No PINs to remember and No registration!

What happens when someone texts you when you have no service?

If someone sends you a text when your phone is not able to receive it, it will be delivered when it is possible. In general, the sender will not know when you actually got the message.

How do you know if someone calls you when your phone was off?

No. Your phone can not display information regarding a ‘missed call’ when it was powered off or otherwise had no service as the phone never received the call at all. “Missed calls” is a list of calls that rang on the phone, but that you did not answer.