Quick Answer: How Can I Transfer Money From BDO To BDO Using Mobile Banking?

Can I send money to unenrolled BDO account?

Click on the “Send Money” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Yes, the one with the paper airplane.

You will be given choice to transfer to enrolled accounts or unenrolled accounts.

Again, you can choose to enroll your other BDO accounts or other people’s BDO accounts under your account for ease of transfer..

How can I transfer money from BDO to GrabPay?

Step 1. Launch your mobile banking app or log in through BDO Personal Banking. Step 2. Select ‘Send Money’ > ‘To Another Local Bank’ > select ‘GrabPay’ from the list.

How can I transfer money from BDO to Palawan?

To send moneyLog on to BDO Online or Mobile Banking.Select Send Money > Cash Pick Up at any BDO Branch/Partner.Choose one: Pick-up Cash Anywhere (Palawan Pawnshop, RD Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, BDO Network Bank) Pick-up Cash Cebuana. Pick-up Cash MLKP (M. … Share the Reference Number with your receiver.

Can I transfer money from BDO to BDO online?

Yes. You may enroll up to 20 accounts belonging to another person or third party accounts. … Login to BDO Internet Banking, click “Enrollment Services” > “Other Person’s Account” > “Enroll” Fill-out the information needed then click “Submit”

How can I transfer money from BDO to another bank online?

Send Money through InstaPay or PESONetLog in through BDO Personal Banking or Mobile Banking.Choose Send Money >> To Another Local Bank >> Pick an InstaPay partner bank.Fill in the details.Enter the One Time Pin sent to your phone or generated by your BDO Mobile App’s OTP Generator.Confirm details.

How much can you transfer online BDO?

As we provide extraordinary services during this time of need, we have increased the daily transaction limit of Send Money to Any BDO Account to PHP50,000, and waived the transaction fee for Send Money to Other Banks via Instapay until April 30, 2020.