Quick Answer: How Much Does The Cook Strait Ferry Cost?

What month is the best time to visit New Zealand?

What time of year is best to visit New Zealand.

In short, you’ll have the best chance of comfortable weather and fewer crowds in early spring (September – October) and in autumn (March – May)..

What can kill you in New Zealand?

Dangerous animals in New ZealandSharks. There are lots of sharks around the coast of New Zealand but the chances of an attack are very low. … Portuguese Man-of-War. … Seals and sea lions. … Katipo spider. … Redback spider. … White-tailed spider. … Mosquito. … Wasps and bees.More items…

How long does it take to cross the Cook Strait?

about three hoursRoughly half the crossing is in the strait, and the remainder within the Sounds. The journey covers 70 kilometres (43 mi) and takes about three hours. The strait often experiences rough water and heavy swells from strong winds, especially from the south.

Are there sharks in the Cook Strait?

“Cook Strait is an incredibly productive feeding area and there are probably quite a number of great white sharks in the vicinity of Cook Strait for most of the year, but this time there are more around as the sharks are returning from the tropics.

How long does the Bluebridge ferry take?

approx 3.5 hoursOur journey takes approx 3.5 hours however please be aware weather conditions may occasionally slow our ships down.

Is there a bridge between the two islands of New Zealand?

Originally Answered: Is there a bridge connecting New Zealand’s two main islands? It appears that it is only about 20 km across at the shortest point (far SW side of the North Island to the smaller islands north of the South Island and just island hop down from there). There is no bridge.

How dangerous are bronze whalers?

Bronze whalers (Carcharhinus brachyurus) are often spotted close to shore around Australian beaches. This species is not aggressive, and not often implicated in attacks, but is potentially dangerous to spearfishers carrying fresh catches and surfers.

What’s better bluebridge or interislander?

Interislander is slightly more expensive and at least one of the ferries is a tad more comfortable than the Bluebridge ones. … Interislander is the big ferry company with the huge boats and also have all the rental car depots for pick up and drop off at their terminals only.

How much does the Interislander ferry cost?

Ferry PricesPassengerOff Peak FarePeak FareInfants (under 2)$0$0Children (2 – 17)$37$37Adults$64$73Adults (Premium Plus Lounge)$104$113

Do trains go on the Interislander?

Our three iconic trains, Coastal Pacific, Northern Explorer, TranzAlpine and our Interislander Cook Strait ferry offer a seamless connection between the North and South islands, and to many spectacular destinations along the way. Jump on for one leg, or sit back and relax for the whole journey.

How long do you need to drive around New Zealand?

How long does it take to travel the North island of New Zealand? Driving from the tip of Northland to Wellington without stopping and keeping within the speed limit and main highways is a journey of 13 hours.

Can you drive between New Zealand islands?

How to get between islands in New Zealand. There is no bridge or tunnel between the islands so your options are to fly or take the ferry. … The cities of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin are considered the main trunk, and will always be the most affordable way to fly between islands.

Are there great white sharks in New Zealand?

White sharks, often called white pointers or great white sharks, are large, iconic marine predators. New Zealand is a global hotspot for this species, along with the waters off California (US), South Africa, Australia and Japan. They have been protected in our waters since April 2007.

Can you take food on the Interislander?

Interislander Plus includes complimentary food and drink – including wines and beers – and provides a comfortable, quiet, child-free environment, with complimentary newspapers, magazines, and Sky television.

How much does it cost to cross the Cook Strait?

Generally though, fares look like this: 1 x adult (no vehicle): $51 – $73. 1 x child (under 14): $26 – $33. Infant (under 1): Free.

How long does Interislander ferry take?

approximately 3½ hoursThe Interislander ferry Wellington to Picton takes approximately 3½ hours.

Which Interislander ferry is best?

KaitakiThe interislander ferries are large car ferries which provide a safe and comfortable trip across the Cook Strait. All offer indoor and outdoor seating, and a cafe.

Is there WIFI on the Interislander?

In a first for Cook Strait, Interislander passengers will be able to check emails, share photos and surf the internet using the new Wi-Fi Onboard service. … Now the system is up and running, passengers can buy a $7 access card from the onboard shop for up to 40Mb worth of data to use anytime on their current journey.