Quick Answer: How Tall Is Vy?

What is CWC real name?

Chad Wild ClayChad Wild Clay (born: March 10, 1984 (1984-03-10) [age 36]), is an American YouTuber known for his YouTube comedy videos, parody songs, chopping fruit ninja videos, and later his Spy Ninjas videos, which has a combo of everything he has done over the past years of his YouTube career..

How old is CWC?

36 years (March 10, 1984)Chad Wild Clay/Age

What is Daniel gizmos real name?

Daniel FerriDaniel Ferri, better known online as Daniel Gizmo (formerly PZ1 and Exposing Project Zorgo), is an American YouTuber who works with Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Regina Ginera and Melvin Ginera, better known as Melvin Achanzar .

Are Chad and V really married?

He married Vy Qwaint in 2011.

How tall is Vy Qwaint?

five feetVy, who stands at five feet tall, is a fitness enthusiast. She likes spending a lot of time at the gym and has a great physique as a result.

Is Chad Wild Clay rich?

Chad Wild Clay Net Worth – $11 Million Chad Wild Clay is a YouTuber who mainly specializes in doing YouTuber impressions & parodies and singing parody songs. He has an estimated net worth of $11 million.

How tall is Chad Wild Clay?

6 feet 4 inchesChad Wild Clay has a height of 6 feet 4 inches.

Who is the leader of Project Zorgo?

Originally known as PZ1, Daniel was the first ever member of Project Zorgo. Since he was the first, wouldn’t that mean that he was the one who created the hacker group? This could be an obvious sign that he is the mastermind behind it all.

Who is pz4?

Regina, also known as the Domino’s Girl, Inspector, Skittles Girl, PZ4. She is known for her clumsiness and her ability to hack better than Daniel. She also has challenged the Spy Ninjas, Chad, Vy and Daniel to letting the Spy Ninjas get the Safe House and to reveal her face.

Who is Vy Qwaint husband?

Chad Wild ClayShe married Chad Wild Clay in 2011. Her hometown is Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Is project Zorgo a real thing?

A YouTube hacking group that’s for entertainment purposes. It’s fake but the people who are being attacked believe it’s real. … It’s like they talked to the hackers before they did it. But you got to admit it is pretty entertaining.

What is Daniel spy ninja last name?

Daniel, known as PZ1/Lie Detector Guy, is a member of the Spy Ninjas.

What is Chad’s real phone number?

Contact Us: 800-292-7717 | CWC.

How old is Vy Qwaint?

34Vy Qwaint (born: January 3, 1986 (1986-01-03) [age 34]) is an American-Vietnamese YouTuber from Minnesota.