Quick Answer: Why Did Jadis Let Negan Go?

What is the dump in the walking dead?

Jadis told Simon that before The Heapsters took over the dump it was a flat area filled with trash and castoffs.

So her people built all those heaps and clearly they were hiding more than Winslow under them.

There were many of those shipping containers, probably decked out in a similar fashion to Jadis’..

What episode Alpha dies?

The Walking Dead 10×12 “Alpha Death” Ending Scene Season 10 Episode 12 HD “Walk With Us”

Who kills Negan?

That’s when Rick whipped out a knife and slashed Negan across the throat with one swift stroke.

What did Carl’s letter say Negan?

Maybe my dad made your people give you up and he killed you — but I don’t think so. I think you’re still around and you’re working on a way out. Maybe you got out. Maybe you think we’re a lost cause and you just want to kill all of us.

Why does Jadis talk like that?

I was surprised by how natural it felt to me to speak that way – because she is so minimalist with everything, and her people are, and you know nothing is wasted. “It made sense to me already, and she’s very precise about what she wants your response to be.” McIntosh added: “I like the weirdness of the language.

Does Jadis help Rick?

Jadis tells Rick he needs to prove his worth and she pushes him down a trash heap into a pit of trash and metal. After watching Rick kill a heavily armored walker, she tells him that she and her people will help him, but that they need a lot of guns.

Did Jadis save Rick?

Ultimately, however, Rick’s warning comes true, and the Saviors decimate the Junkyard group, leaving Jadis to rule over a pile of corpses. … After Rick sacrifices himself to save his people from a zombie horde, Jadis is the one who finds Andrew Lincoln’s character badly wounded by the riverside.

Why did Jadis call Rick AB?

Jadis previously referred to Rick and Negan as “A’s” when she tried to trade them to the group, but somehow Rick got demoted to a “B” in his final episode. This is probably because he was severely injured, but it’s hard to image Rick being seen as a B quality, whatever that means in this case.

Who was Jadis trying to signal?

NeganThen in episode 14, the helicopter returns in another low fly over the dump when Jadis is holding Negan captive. She desperately tries to signal the helicopter, but the flare is extinguished in her fight with Negan and the helicopter flies off.

Why do the scavengers talk weird?

Viewers were a little baffled after being introduced in Season 7 to Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), whose group we know as the Scavengers, and the peculiar way they speak. … McIntosh believes the Scavengers’ leader could speak that way for intimidation.

Who is Jadis working for?

Jadis, The Helicopter, & “A” Explained Anne’s conversation on the walkie-talkie makes it apparent that she used to work for whoever has the helicopter. She asks if they are who took the missing Saviors, to which they reply: “No pickups.

Why does Rick see a helicopter?

It has something to do with the show’s spin-off, “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Is Rick going to come back?

While there is no plan for Rick to return to the series, it seems the franchise is being set up for his three spin-off movies. … We guess Rick could potentially still appear in flashbacks; however, we’re holding out hope that our questions of his whereabouts get answered in the upcoming trilogy.

Does Jadis betray Rick?

She is the leader of The Scavengers who had seemingly teamed up with the series’ protagonist Rick Grimes and his faction to aid them in their inevitable conflict against Negan and his own faction, The Saviors; however, in the Season 7 finale, Jadis and the Scavengers betrayed Rick when they were revealed to have joined …

How does Rick get away from Jadis?

The short answer is that we have no earthly idea. There is obviously no clear analog in the comics to Rick being whisked away on a helicopter by Jadis.

What was the deal between Negan and Jadis?

I think Jadis and Negan had made a deal with Negan agreeing to give Jadis 10 of his people. … She decided that it would be better to work with Negan than work with Rick because Negan appeared to have the upper hand and would give her more supplies than Rick had requested he give her.

How did Negan get away from Jadis?

As if being nearly defeated by Rick wasn’t enough, in the final scene of the episode, it’s revealed that Negan didn’t actually escape. Instead, he wakes up in the front seat of a pickup truck with a gun to his head, having been kidnapped by Jadis in all the furor.

Does Jadis kill Negan?

I am sorry for this.” Jadis chained Negan to a trolley, and then wheeled out another trolley with a walker tied to it. Rather than kill him outright, Jadis appeared to give Negan a chance to fight for his life gladiator-style, as she gave Rick earlier in the season.